Patrizia Bresciani

"Yoga taught me to live every moment intensely, to be increasingly aware of what happens inside and outside of me, bringing me greater mental flexibility and the ability to flow with life's changes ."

"Yoga has allowed me to welcome events with the confidence necessary to face situations that I previously defined as negative and which I now see as difficulties on my path that have a meaning."

"Yoga has given me the serenity to accept the unpleasant things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to understand that what we perceive as positive or negative it is only apparently so."



he attended the Master's in Psychoneurobiology in Verona and Bologna, to delve deeper into mind-body connections


studies Quantum Kinesiology with Dr. Francesco Oliviero, in his headquarters in Palermo


in parallel with the deepening of his oriental path, he attended the CSTG counselor training school in Bolzano, integrating it with numerous seminars on the topic of emotions and their management, on communication and on the study of personality through the enneagram.


obtains the title of Advance Teacher Jyotim at the Yoga Kanda Institute in Palazzolo (BG)


he obtained the three-year JYOTIM diploma with master Renato Turla

2008 - 2011

had the honor of studying with Father Anthony Elenjimittam, and of deepening aspects of meditation and the sacred texts of the Indian tradition


obtained the four-year diploma from the Italian Yoga Federation in Padua


she was certified by the Himalayan Master Yogiraj Siddhanath as a teacher of Kriya Yoga, a thousand-year-old meditation practice that has transformed the awareness of many sincere seekers

2007 - 2009

you attended Dona Holleman's teacher training in Soiano del Garda (BS)

2009 - 2024

she went to India to learn more about meditation techniques


she obtained a diploma as a yoga teacher for children in Piacenza


She approached yoga at the age of nineteen following the teachings of the Iyengar school